• ISRA Corona Virus Update:
    As we are all aware the Corona Virus is causing disruption and uncertainty to all kinds of events across the world right now. What will happen in the coming months is completely unknown. The 2020 ISRA Worlds in Latvia has been impacted already, with the original selected venue at this time being not available to us.

    The Noviello Cup race being held in Valmeria from March 25th is NOT an ISRA sanctioned event, and is not an official ISRA warmup race. At time of writing this event is going ahead as scheduled, and all inquiries about that event should be directed to Janis Nabokins.

    The first official ISRA Warmup is scheduled for May. At this time we are working with Janis on restructured plans for that event, and it’s location depends on what happens in the next few weeks with the Corona Virus. ISRA and Janis will update everyone as soon as we have further news, but at this stage we anticipate that event going ahead in Latvia as planned.

    As for the ISRA Worlds in October, again at this time we anticipate the event will go ahead as scheduled. We are hopeful that the original location will become available to us once again well before the event, but Janis is working on alternative locations within Latvia. Again news will be made available as the situation unfolds.

    Entries for the ISRA Worlds in October will open as planned on April 1st 4:00pm UTC and close as planned on June 30th at 4:00pm UTC. If you are planning on attending the 2020 ISRA Worlds please get your entry in as normal. We considered suspending the entry dates, but felt that with still 7 months to go we should keep the entry process on track as noone has any idea what the situation will be in 7 months time.

    Like everyone else, we are continuing to monitor the situation, and will update our racers as the situation unfolds as it relates to the ISRA Worlds.

    Chris Radisich
    Chairman ISRA

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